"Wales und die Waliser"

Name of traveller

Julius Rodenberg (1831-1914)

Reason for travel

  • travelling as cultural tourist, self-improvement

Date of travel

autumn 1856

Das Wort "allman" ist in der walisischen Sprache dasselbe, was in der deutschen das Wort "welsch" ist; so daß die Schimpfnamen, welche sich die beiden feindlichen Nationen gaben, ihre historischen Namen geworden sind. (Rodenberg 151)


  • architecture:
    • small farm houses in north Wales similar to Swiss châlets
    • bridges across the Menai Strait praised as modern wonders of the world
  • customs:
    • notes belief in fairies
    • no similar folk song tradition as in Ireland or Scotland owing to the professional character of the bardic tradition in Wales
    • relatively late development of popular penillion singing
    • harp as national instrument is omnipresent
    • notes general antiquity of folk customs and traditions
  • literature:
    • ancient legends attached to specific locations
    • abundance of folk poetry and songs
  • people:
    • general anglicisation of south Wales in contrast to retained Welsh-language culture in north Wales
    • character sketch of the Ladies of Llangollen, Eleanor Charlotte Butler (1739-1829) and Sarah Ponsonby (1755-1831)
    • reference to description of the Ladies of Llangollen in the travel account by Fürst von Pückler-Muskau (1785-1871)
  • recreation:
    • lives with a family of smallholders
    • references Llandudno as seaside resort, especially for tourists from London
    • Llanberis established as base for Snowdon tours for great numbers of tourists
  • territory:
    • sublime character and colourful beauty of north Wales mountains
    • mountains of north Wales responsible for the name "English Switzerland"
    • references difficulty of climbing Snowdon; great views from the summit
    • notes abundance of water in mountain areas and its impact on rich vegetation
    • southern, feminine character of area around Llangollen
    • mountain terrain serves as protective barrier for Welsh customs and traditions which have become endangered by new infrastructure and tourism
  • transport:
    • reference to railway between Chester and Bangor along north Wales coast
    • abundance of donkeys and ponys for tours around Snowdon
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Rodenberg, Julius. "Wales und die Waliser." Meyers Universum: Ein Jahrbuch für Freunde der Natur und Kunst mit Abbildungen der interessatesten Stätten der Erde. Ed. Hermann I. Meyer. 3rd vol Hildburghausen: Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts, 1864. 149-55. Print.