Wales: Literatur und Politik, Industrie und Landschaft

Name of traveller

Peter Sager (b. 1945)

Reason for travel

  • research for this guide book

Date of travel

undated, ca. 1983

[Dick Jones] was sitting with his dog outside the Pensioners’ Club of Ton Pentre, enjoying the first warm, sunny days of spring. Dick Jones wore a tweed cap, and his dog – like so many here in the valleys – was a terrier. Actually, I only stopped to ask him the way, but he said: ‘I’ve got time, I’ll go with you some o’ the way.’ (Sager 125)


  • art:
    • great number of photographs taken by the author
    • great number of paintings, sketches, etchings by various artists
  • architecture: detailed descriptions of various architectural features, especially castles, churches, bridges
  • clothing: notes on Augusta Hall's (1802-1896) invention of the Welsh costume
  • customs:
    • National Eisteddfod; International Eisteddfod
    • Royal Welsh Show
    • frequent references to local legends about saints and figures from Welsh history
    • popular culture mostly represented in the form of modern Welsh folk music
  • history: detailed coverage of historical events in relation to places visited during the journey
  • industry: main focus on history of industry in south Wales with brief references to decline of industry since end of WWII
  • language:
    • historical development of Welsh language in relation to English
    • frequent references to Welsh-language activism
  • literature:
    • quotes from various literary texts: Mabinogion; works of Dylan Thomas (1914-1953), R. S. Thomas (1913-2000), John Cowper Powys (1872-1963)
    • chapters about the lives and works of Dylan Thomas and John Cowper Powys
  • people:
  • politics: excursions into development of political relations between Wales and England and state of Wales in the early 1980s
  • terrain:
    • modes of travel: car; on foot
    • romanticised landscapes of rural Wales
    • melancholy of industrial towns and industrial ruins
  • English translation: Wales. Trans. David Henry Wilson. 4th. rev. edn. London: Pallas Athene, 2002.

Nationality of traveller


Language of publication

German; translation: English

Gender of traveller


Type of publication

travel guide; travelogue


Sager, Peter. Wales: Literatur und Politik, Industrie und Landschaft. 4th. edn. Köln: DuMont, 1992. Print.